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Task Completion Day 2

Read one chapter in marketing book: I did this. If I want to transition into a lifestyle where my creativity pays the bills I NEED to learn the principles and how to apply them.

Track Calories: I tracked them all and resisted junk food again. I need to lose about 100lb to leave obesity behind. Diet will play a large part in that.

Lift weights: I started a 5×5 free weight program. My goal with the weight lifting is to hit 3 benchmarks. 250 lb bench press. 350 lb squat. 450 lb dead lift.

Meditate 5 minutes: I used the 5 minute mindfulness bell again.

Practice typing 15 minutes: According to the software I am using I have learned all the keys (not counting numbers and symbols) in just 2 days. About 35 wpm with < 5% error rate at the moment. The goal is 50 wpm.

Work on unfinished Audio projects: I put in about 45 minutes on my project. I have the main levels done and most of the SFX. This one should be ready to put to bed in a day or two. Then on to the next thing.

Be Well!



Preliminary task list

Practice Typing 15 minutes a day

Meditate 5 Minutes a day

Walk 30 min 4 + Days a week

Lift weights 2 – 3 Days a week

Track calories. Bring food to work, no junk food at work.

Record, produce and post 1 Audio demo per month

Work on unfinished Audio production projects at least 30 minutes a day

Read 15 minutes on book from list daily

This is still a work in progress but I will be taking action starting tomorrow morning on it. I took action tonight by making a goal list and starting on the task list. 🙂


Be Well


Chain, Link 19

Everything done and want a stretch it was but I got there!

C25k first thing in the morning: Check

Meditate: Check.

Diet: 1000 Calorie restriction.

Typing practice: Check. not gaining any speed, stuck in the low 30 WPM range at the moment.

Work on outline: Check, working on characters.

Work on new creative thing: Check, planning for the next set of stuff to be added, still need to work on the name as ‘new creative thing’ doesn’t really cut it.

Work on plan for sound booth modification: Check,I need to make things more friendly for recording more than a few lines at a time.

Stronglifts 5×5 immediately after getting home from work: Check.

Note: I am a beginner at running and weight lifting so I have chosen programs for beginners. If they don’t get me the results I need I will modify my approach. I have a treadmill at home for the running until I gain more confidence, also winter is not fun outdoor running time in New England. I also have a power rack, bench and 400+lb of Olympic weights. So I’m all set for getting going with fitness. I plan to go slow and not hurt myself. I use the 2 programs linked but do not endorse them for everyone. Each individual needs to do research and develop the plan of attack that will work for them.

Be Well!


Accountability Post: Check