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Preliminary task list

Practice Typing 15 minutes a day

Meditate 5 Minutes a day

Walk 30 min 4 + Days a week

Lift weights 2 – 3 Days a week

Track calories. Bring food to work, no junk food at work.

Record, produce and post 1 Audio demo per month

Work on unfinished Audio production projects at least 30 minutes a day

Read 15 minutes on book from list daily

This is still a work in progress but I will be taking action starting tomorrow morning on it. I took action tonight by making a goal list and starting on the task list. 🙂


Be Well



Chain 3, Link 7

Well things went a bit sideways today. I now have 2 new projects on the table, 1 VO and 1 audio production.

Meditate: Forgot

Track calories not so much today

Write 250 works: Didn’t happen

Watch tutorial on video editing: Check, I’ll need to degrade the importance of the video editing for the time being and focus on audio production tutorials.

Edit Narration Demos: Nope, ran out of time.

Make list for tomorrow: Check (I totally didn’t stop typing and write out the list)

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check

Chain 3, Link 4

Well I got it all done today. Now to do it again tomorrow!

Meditate: Check

Diet: 1.1k restriction

Work on Story: Check

Work on video: Check (note having 5 tracks with a cumulative 4 + hours of 720p or better video makes things reallllllly slow loading)

Record 1 narration Demo: Check, I even did 1st pass edit on both takes. From Save the cat by Blake Snyder for a non-fiction voiceover demo.

Make list for tomorrow: Check

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check

Chain, Link 16

Got quite a bit accomplished today. Not quite all but 7 out of 10 is nothing to sneeze at.

Meditate: Check first thing in the morning.

Typing practice: Check, also early in the morning.

Diet: Forgot to keep track today.

Creativity with friends: Check, 5 stars will definitely do again.

Financial foo: Check, AKA back account depletion due to adulting.

Order school pictures for MPBG: Check.

Outline work: Still having trouble with snowflake step 2.

Work with software for new creative thing: Nope.

Audio demo work: Check, completed source check and making data cards for each of the 5 to be recorded.

Set up laptop for audio recording: Check software installed and tested. Fine tune config later.

Bw Well!


Accountability post: Check.

Chain, Link 14

Wow up to two weeks this time. I need to start timing my game time since it’s impinging on the completion of everything I want to get done.

Meditate: Check.

Typing Practice: Check.

Diet: 1.2k over.

Work on Audio demo:, Finished fixing the text. I dropped one and expanded another so I have 5 to do in total. Non-fiction, Military SF, Cyberpunk, Space Opera, Urban Fantasy.

Story outline: No. I’m getting hung up on some aspect so I need to figure out what that is and move through it.

Be Well!


Accountability Post: Check.

Chain, Link 13

Mostly back on track today. Still working on balancing the many side tasks that I have on my plate. But that will improve as I become more adept at the time management needed.

Meditate: Check.

Typing practice: Check.

Diet 450 Calorie Restriction.

Drink 3L of water: I did 1.5 today, mainly due to starting after noon.

Work on story outline: Ran our of time, I need to put this higher on the priority list tomorrow this is almost a week with no measurable progress.

Work on new creative thing: Check, quite time consuming because of the learning curve starting new things with new software.

Work on audio demo: Check, fleshed out some to get them up over a minute. Still have one to do that to.

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check.