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Preliminary task list

Practice Typing 15 minutes a day

Meditate 5 Minutes a day

Walk 30 min 4 + Days a week

Lift weights 2 – 3 Days a week

Track calories. Bring food to work, no junk food at work.

Record, produce and post 1 Audio demo per month

Work on unfinished Audio production projects at least 30 minutes a day

Read 15 minutes on book from list daily

This is still a work in progress but I will be taking action starting tomorrow morning on it. I took action tonight by making a goal list and starting on the task list. 🙂


Be Well



Chain 4, link1

Well that was unexpected. I wasn’t planning to stop posting I just forgot one day then didn’t make a list and well I’m sure you get the idea.

I’ve changed things up a bit with regard to everything.

I’m exercising 3x a week 2x on the days I exercise. 30 minutes steady state(ish) fasted cardio in the morning. Then 30(ish) minutes of weight lifting after I get home from work. So I get 2 sleep cycles between exercise days which should help with the recovery. Before I was doing cardio on the off days or every day so only 1 sleep cycle. Since I’m just getting back on the exercise wagon (again) I want to give myself the extra recovery and jump-start the whole process.

30 minutes walking at 2.7mph average this morning

5 x 5 @65lbs Barbell squats, 5×5 @45lbs Barbell overhead press, 1 x 5 @135lbs Dead-lift

2519 calories consumed (119g fat, 246g carbs, 91g protein. 10 g alcohol)

Meditated after the morning walk.

Research on Audio production continues.

I’m still working on my outline even though NaNoWriMo has started. I want to finish something that has some remote resemblance to a first draft and not just ‘win NaNo’ this time. I’ve won Nano a few times but I will not consider showing those manuscripts to anyone (yes they are that bad and worse).

The new creative thing is on the back back burner for the time being as I need to really focus on audio production and voice over with writing on the side. Well on top of the day job that is.

Almost forgot THIS YouTube channel is giving me a bunch of helpful coping strategies!

Be Well!


Chain 3, Link 10

Almost everything done today. Made a couple decisions about the business and made the needed phone call. Things keep moving forward.

Meditate: Check

Work on story outline: No

Diet: 700 restriction

Audio Production research: Check

Finish narration demo: Finished 1 demo and got it up on the site.

Make list for tomorrow: Check:

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check


Chain 3, Link 7

Well things went a bit sideways today. I now have 2 new projects on the table, 1 VO and 1 audio production.

Meditate: Forgot

Track calories not so much today

Write 250 works: Didn’t happen

Watch tutorial on video editing: Check, I’ll need to degrade the importance of the video editing for the time being and focus on audio production tutorials.

Edit Narration Demos: Nope, ran out of time.

Make list for tomorrow: Check (I totally didn’t stop typing and write out the list)

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check

Chain 3, Link 4

Well I got it all done today. Now to do it again tomorrow!

Meditate: Check

Diet: 1.1k restriction

Work on Story: Check

Work on video: Check (note having 5 tracks with a cumulative 4 + hours of 720p or better video makes things reallllllly slow loading)

Record 1 narration Demo: Check, I even did 1st pass edit on both takes. From Save the cat by Blake Snyder for a non-fiction voiceover demo.

Make list for tomorrow: Check

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check

Chain, Link 13

Mostly back on track today. Still working on balancing the many side tasks that I have on my plate. But that will improve as I become more adept at the time management needed.

Meditate: Check.

Typing practice: Check.

Diet 450 Calorie Restriction.

Drink 3L of water: I did 1.5 today, mainly due to starting after noon.

Work on story outline: Ran our of time, I need to put this higher on the priority list tomorrow this is almost a week with no measurable progress.

Work on new creative thing: Check, quite time consuming because of the learning curve starting new things with new software.

Work on audio demo: Check, fleshed out some to get them up over a minute. Still have one to do that to.

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check.