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Week 4, a little late but here it is

Well last week could have gone better.

5/7 weigh-in and 6/7 calories tracking

Average weight of 296 with average calories of 1802

I think I missed some calories that week but my mind is a  blank about what and what days. So I went up bit not the end of the world. Didn’t break back into the 300’s again so that is a good thing.

Also I spent a couple hours on Sunday listening to my audio project and tweaking some of the timings for the speech and such. Once I get it all reenlisted to I’ll cut a draft and send it off to the creator and move forward from there.

I’ve decided to add in 30 minutes of walking every day first thing in the morning, before food and coffee. I was always in a better head space when I was exercising regularly so I’m going to go back to that.


All for now.

Be Well!



Third week and still going

Still moving in the proper direction for my plans.

7/7 for both weight and calories

Average calories was 1925/day. Average weight for the week was 295.1 so 4.2 lbs down this week. That’s about 1.4% of the starting weight for the week so within what I consider a safe range. That being less than 2% of body weight per week.

I didn’t do the squats as many days as I wanted but that will come with time. I do need to remember to drink enough water. I feel much better on the days when I have enough. I don’t count any of the other fluids towards the water intake things with caffeine and sweeteners are not really the same thing.

I did not work on audio production like I said I was going to. Part of the issue is that I forgot to set up the project directory structures on the desktop when I did the factory restore. And I managed to get the versions mixed up so tomorrow I need to go through all the versions to locate the most recent ones. Then re-listen to the entire project and get back to work on it. I have some notes from the lats scenes I sent to be checked so I know what I need to do with some of them. I just need to do it.


All for now

Be Well!


Time for week 2

Well I am moving in the right direction this week.

7/7 for calorie tracing and 6/7 for weighing myself.

My calorie average per day for the week was about 2029 and my average weight was 299.3 so I am moving in the right direction. Still a long weigh to go (har har).

I tried some (20) body weight squats on Friday morning. Took me several sets to get them all done (10, 5, 3, 2) but I did them. my knees didn’t feel too bad. Although yesterday and today my thighs have been complaining vigorously about the work I made them do. Normal for day 1 of exercise. So I’ll do the same thing again in the morning Monday, Wednesday and Friday and see how that goes. I feel that I need to do something other than just watch the food. One of my goals is a weight lifting one so I need to think of that as I progress. The specific goal is 250 lb bench press, 350 lb squat and 450 lb deadlift. I need to take it easy and not push too hard with that to avoid injury. A few years and 40 – 50 lbs ago I pulled a 385 deadlift. I should have dropped it when I stalled half way through the movement but I pushed through and could barely walk the next day my back was so sore. So no pushing through for me, at lest not in that manner.

Found mice in one of my dresser drawers this week so I have to assume that they got into everything and wash it all and clean the drawers. So much for getting everything ready to get moving on the creative front. Oh well. Still going to take the time to work on audio production every day though, at least an hour, no more than 2 though since my ears give out on me by that point and I need to put out top notch work.

All for now.

Be Well!


First week on the wagon again

Well on the physical side things seem to be doing well. I tracked calories 5/7 days with an average of 1810. So go me for that. I keep forgetting to weight myself in the morning so I don’t have an average weight since… well I suppose I can just average the 2 weigh ins and go wit that. so 304.3 average for the week.


I did not track Thanksgiving as I previously mentioned. And I seem to have forgotten to track Monday as well. I’ll shoot for better than 5/7 calorie tracking and 2/7 weigh in days.

I’m sure everyone will take note that there is not any exercise tracking included here.There is a simple reason for that. I’m not adding exercise right away. If I’ve learned anything over the past 5 years of attempted weight loss and general fitness increase is that if I try to change more that 2 major things in my life at the same time I fall flat on my face every damn time.

Change 1 is the calorie restriction and the related tracking and weighing in and all that.

The other thing that I am changing is gettign my office back in shape and getting to work on creative projects on a regular basis.

I have the desk clean and did a complete factory restore of my computer to clean it up. But the rest still needs to be gone through, neatened and organized. I want to have that done by this time next week. Once I have all that complete I’ll be able to access the booth and will start working on projects daily.

Yikes I publicly committed to a timeline to get the office clean… Yikes what have I done. Well I’m feeling the urger to take it back much less that I have in the past so I’ll just leave it out there.

Be Well!



(p.s. i really should learn to spell check before publishing 😉 )

Now my pie is gone…

No calorie count for today. Did not even try. Breakfast and lunch as I have been doing but no holds barred for the main meal for the day. Allllll the food is nomed and my quota of pie consumed. Back to 1600 calories a day tomorrow.

The 1600 to 2000 number has been doing pretty good for me this week. With today being national food coma day I gave myself a pass on the big meal.

I’ve bene working on a wipe and reconfigure of  my main computer for the past couple of days. That is going ok. I think I have most of the big software installed. I just need to finish some of the smaller add-ons for things… Like all my audio resources. I should be done by the end of the weekend though.

Be well!


Well at least I have a baseline….

For my health that is. BP is good, pulse is good, glucose is acceptable. Weight is 100lb too high. HDL is too low, LDL is too high and triglycerides are too high.

So now I need to take a pill to help with that. At least for the time being. I have just under 8 weeks to get the cholesterol back into some semblance of control.

I view needing help as a temporary thing at the moment. My goal is to remove the need by eating right, exercising and losing weight. Granted I don’t think I’ll lose overly much weight in only 2 months but I do not want to be tied to a pill when I can do some simple things and not have that kind of help unless I truly need it. Since I have not been doing the things I need to do as far as I’m concerned it’s temporary.

Once I’ve done the proper things if everything is not where it needs to be then I can reassess if I need long term assistance.


Be Well!


All righty then…..

Many changes since the last post. I’ve shipped 2 children off who joined the military. One is training to be a jet engine mechanic in the Air Force and the other will be training to be a computer and network specialist in the Army National Guard. So a bit of empty nest going on at the moment. I’ve attended both of the conventions that I had planned to attend and met some wonderful people at both. I’ve managed to allow imposter syndrome / performance anxiety stop me from doing the audio work that I love.

Wow tons of things.

I’ve started exercising again so I can get more healthy. I’m using numerous tools to head for this goal. The new tool is having friends who are working for the same thing all pulling together is helping me quite a bit.

I’ve just restarted working on the audio projects that have been languishing.

There are a couple of writing projects that have shown up on the horizon but I need to time to figure them out more before approaching them.

I took a voice over class at a local studio. Real studio environment caused the performance foo to kick up but I got through it. The final email from the instructor was very encouraging. As with all my pursuits I need to step up and do the things that I know I need to do to move forward.

The weight is still being a thing with total calories and portion control being the evil which I need to overcome.

For all the things going on there are good days and there are bad days. I need to keep working on having more good days if I want to get healthy. The alternative is rather definitively terminal. To that end I’ve set up an appointment with a medical professional for the first time in way too long. If I don’t know exactly what is going on with me then I can not properly address it and safely get healthy.

All for not.

Be Well!