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All righty then…..

Many changes since the last post. I’ve shipped 2 children off who joined the military. One is training to be a jet engine mechanic in the Air Force and the other will be training to be a computer and network specialist in the Army National Guard. So a bit of empty nest going on at the moment. I’ve attended both of the conventions that I had planned to attend and met some wonderful people at both. I’ve managed to allow imposter syndrome / performance anxiety stop me from doing the audio work that I love.

Wow tons of things.

I’ve started exercising again so I can get more healthy. I’m using numerous tools to head for this goal. The new tool is having friends who are working for the same thing all pulling together is helping me quite a bit.

I’ve just restarted working on the audio projects that have been languishing.

There are a couple of writing projects that have shown up on the horizon but I need to time to figure them out more before approaching them.

I took a voice over class at a local studio. Real studio environment caused the performance foo to kick up but I got through it. The final email from the instructor was very encouraging. As with all my pursuits I need to step up and do the things that I know I need to do to move forward.

The weight is still being a thing with total calories and portion control being the evil which I need to overcome.

For all the things going on there are good days and there are bad days. I need to keep working on having more good days if I want to get healthy. The alternative is rather definitively terminal. To that end I’ve set up an appointment with a medical professional for the first time in way too long. If I don’t know exactly what is going on with me then I can not properly address it and safely get healthy.

All for not.

Be Well!



Ok this is getting ridiculous

I know most of the things I need to do.

I don’t do them most of the time.

ADD and stress have been playing a role in this for the past several years.

As I get more stressed the more my ADD presents. This causes me to feel more stress. Nothing like a nice self-perpetuating cycle of woe to make things difficult.

So I need to just do it. Granted I’ve been saying that for quite a while now.

I have a plan.

I made 3 task lists:

  1. Daily tasks : This one stays the same for the most part. It contains things like my exercise and water intake.
  2. Work : This one changes each work day and has the items that I plan to complete for my day job each day.
  3. Personal : This one has my um… personal daily tasks / goals on it and can change daily as well.

I am limited to 5 tasks on each list, this is to keep myself from overloading my tasks and creating more stress. I can and likely will do items that are not on the lists but the list items are the most important ones.

I have 6 colors for each list:

  • Purple : All tasks on the list are complete
  • Green : 4 items on the list are complete
  • Blue : 3 items on the list are complete
  • Yellow : 2 items on the list are complete
  • Orange : 1 items on the list are complete
  • Red : No items on the list are complete

I exercise daily. I am creative in some way every day. I meditate every day.

I’m not going to go into the details of all the tasks since that would make posting about it much more daunting.

I have my lists all set for tomorrow.

Be Well!


Yay for progress!

Here are four contenders for my logline. They are all the same core story. 2 are Maximilian POV and 2 are Ed POV.

#1: In Steam City a narcissistic Master Mechanist struggles to overcome his narcissism in order to keep his secret from his unwanted apprentice.

#2: The narcissistic Master Mechanist struggles to overcome his narcissism in order to keep his secret from his unwanted apprentice in Steam City.

#3: In Steam City a flighty fashionista steam apprentice struggles to overcome her fear of failure in order to discover why her master hates her.

#4: A flighty fashionista steam apprentice struggles to overcome her fear of failure in order to discover why her master seems to hate her in Steam City.

The city name is a place holder, most likely. I just need to decide what line to use for the story. With the understanding that it is subject to being massaged to more truly fit the story that is written. I have one vote for the last one so far. Let me know your choices, comments, criticisms and such.

I worked on my story Yay.

I meditated another Yay.

I think I had a calorie restriction. So sort of yay.

No inking boo.

No typing practice another boo

and no exercise.

Almost a balance today. That’s more betterer than I have been doing so I’m calling it a win.

All for now,



And a new rental today

I went from a 2014 Camray to a 12 foot box truck. I can now carry everything I need at the expense of the built in bluetooth  and good ride quality. Hopefully the truck is done next week. We shall see.

I received another compliment on my voice. I guess that I need to look at creative things that I can do with it. I have a modest home setup.

Mackie 402-VLZ3 mixer
Behringer U-CONTROL UCA202 USB audio adapter
Behringer ULTRAVOICE XM8500 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone
Behringer TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC200 mic preamp (grove tube swapped in)
Aurycle A760 large diaphragm condenser microphone http://www.aurycle.com/aurycle-a460-large-diaphragm-studio-condenser-microphone.html
Seinheiser ME3 headset microphone with standard 3.5mm plug and Andrea Audio USB Adapter speechrecsolutions.com
Tascam DR-40 Digital audio recorder
and a pile of misc stuff like stands and cables

I’ve been collecting bits and pieces for at least 5 years.¬† I’m by no means an expert on audio but I should start taking it more seriously. I think I’ll head over to librivox.org to do some more for them to get more time in and to fine tune the whole process.

On to how I did today with my goals.

Walk 30 min : Yep did it !

No road food : Check

Touch typing practice : 15 minutes

250 words of fiction : 279 check

Work on inking : Yeppers

Meditate : That’s all queued up for as soon as I post this so check

Blog post : This be it so yes

That’s all for now,



A friend in need

I’ve been remiss in posting lately. Work and life and been factors but that sounds like so much tripe since those things are what we all have to cope with and move through. I have been putting other things higher on the list of priorities than blogging. I am reassessing where I put my time and creative energy. I need to devote time to getting my physical being into a healthier state as this supports my having enough creative energy to move forward on projects and pursuits.


A dear friend is having much the same issue but she has medical conditions that need attending. Lead and Lyme are two and they need serious treatment before she can again become the awesomely wonderful creative caring woman as fully as I remember. Insurance being what is is today means she is in need of some assistance.