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Another day at the accountability mine

Read one chapter in marketing book: Another chapter consumed

Track Calories: Tracked the fuel intake and had a 400 cal restriction.

Walk 30 minutes: Got that out of the way right after work.

Meditate 5 minutes: Hey I did this while ‘resting’ from the walking.

Practice typing for 15 minutes: Worked on this. Have to pay more attention to not paying attention to typing if I want to improve.

Work on unfinished Audio Drama Project: Yeah about this one… the evening sort of got away from me tonight so it’s a fail on this task

Be Well!



Task Completion Day 2

Read one chapter in marketing book: I did this. If I want to transition into a lifestyle where my creativity pays the bills I NEED to learn the principles and how to apply them.

Track Calories: I tracked them all and resisted junk food again. I need to lose about 100lb to leave obesity behind. Diet will play a large part in that.

Lift weights: I started a 5×5 free weight program. My goal with the weight lifting is to hit 3 benchmarks. 250 lb bench press. 350 lb squat. 450 lb dead lift.

Meditate 5 minutes: I used the 5 minute mindfulness bell again.

Practice typing 15 minutes: According to the software I am using I have learned all the keys (not counting numbers and symbols) in just 2 days. About 35 wpm with < 5% error rate at the moment. The goal is 50 wpm.

Work on unfinished Audio projects: I put in about 45 minutes on my project. I have the main levels done and most of the SFX. This one should be ready to put to bed in a day or two. Then on to the next thing.

Be Well!


Task Completion Day 1

Practice Typing 15 minutes a day: Yep did that.

Meditate 5 Minutes a day: And this. I found a nice 5 minute mindfulness bell meditation that I’m using.

Walk 30 min 4 + Days a week: I even walked wow 3 in a row! Setting this one to 4 days.

Lift weights 2 – 3 Days a week: No weights on walking days. Setting it to 2 days a week so I have 1 day off of exercise a week.

Track calories. Bring food to work, no junk food at work.: I was mostly good but I forgot to bring food to work. Still ended with a calorie restriction thou to woo.

Record, produce and post 1 Audio demo per month: Didn’t even think about this one. I’m not going to push to get one out this month since it’s almost over and no demo is better than a crappy one.

Work on unfinished Audio production projects at least 30 minutes a day: I did this, actually about 45 minuts worth. Much was finding sounds, checking the license then downloading the audio.

Read 15 minutes on book from list daily: I read for about 15 minutes from a marketing book I picked up a year or two back.

And I made this accountability post to boot. Go me!


Be Well!


Chain 3, Link 14

Not everything on the list got done today because I forgot about things that needed to get done that don’t go on the list.

Meditate: Check

Diet: Check, 1600 restriction

Work on outline: No

Record Demo: No, hard to record with noisy rain and dehydrator running (home made jerky for healthy snacks while working)

Audio drama research: No, completely forgot.

Plan Tomorrow: Check

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check

Chain 3, Link 10

Almost everything done today. Made a couple decisions about the business and made the needed phone call. Things keep moving forward.

Meditate: Check

Work on story outline: No

Diet: 700 restriction

Audio Production research: Check

Finish narration demo: Finished 1 demo and got it up on the site.

Make list for tomorrow: Check:

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check


Chain 3, Link 7

Well things went a bit sideways today. I now have 2 new projects on the table, 1 VO and 1 audio production.

Meditate: Forgot

Track calories not so much today

Write 250 works: Didn’t happen

Watch tutorial on video editing: Check, I’ll need to degrade the importance of the video editing for the time being and focus on audio production tutorials.

Edit Narration Demos: Nope, ran out of time.

Make list for tomorrow: Check (I totally didn’t stop typing and write out the list)

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check

Chain 3, Link 6

Didn’t get everything done today. Worked long at dayjob and the time flew once I got home.

Meditate: Check.

Diet: 1000 calorie restriction.

Write 250 words on story: Nope

Watch tutorial on video production: Check

Edit Narration demos: Nope, made a rate card instead and it took way longer than I thought it would.

Fix web site and upload VO demos: Nope, kind of hard to do this when I didn’t edit them. Contacted someone about doing the site design for me.

Make list for tomorrow: Check.

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check.