2 hour school delay, and stuff

First things first,

30 minutes on the treadmill with more of the language program.

Morning Meditation of 274 sec (with music since the kids were being, well, kids)

8-ish hours for torturous servitude…er work.

274 words on the WIP.

766 calorie restriction today. (Wow those rectangular blueberry danishes are 500+ calories!)

282 seconds for evening meditation (with music, music from now on I think)

and more time inking with a brush on smooth bristol with my diy lightbox.

Second things, 2 hour late start for the kids this morning. A near miss for the mechanic with the minivan getting soaked in a massive puddle when a plow went by going the other way. Luckily it started after drying for a bit.  Then 8 hours out and about in the rain, I mean ice, no rain, no ice. Hey its 50 out. Woops now it’s 30 going over the mountain on the way home.



A New Start, with a 2×4

Well there hasn’t been anything here for months. There are a thousand and one excuses I could make. The bottom line is that I did not make it a priority. I did other things, (video games, reading, TV) instead of writing or blogging at all. It’s a new year so there have to be new priorities.

200 minutes of exercise a week (or more)

200 words a day of fiction writing

200 calories less a day of food

200 seconds of meditation twice a day

I think I’ll call this my 2×4 plan for improvement after the lumber I usually need to be hit with 😉

I’ll blog more frequently too.



Are you a pink monkey? Or a brown one…