And it continues

Well I fell off the food wagon and it ran me over this weekend. Large negative restrictions for both days. So a fast for today to get back in the grove.

A temporary defeat only. I tripped, I fell and I’m getting back up.

30 Minutes of exercise w/language

205 works on WIP

2000 + calorie restriction (36 hour fast so breakfast in  the morning yay)

210 seconds evening meditation. I need to remember to meditate before work!




Not a good day for my goals

30 minutes exercise w/program

no writing

no meditation

way over on the calories

Well 25 percent is a whole lot better than 0%. Still not good overall. I think it’s mostly a matter of discipline. I was exercising really well for quite a while so that is still sort of in my head. The writing has been on again off again for quite some time and the meditation is new. The food, well I just said eff it. Yes excuses of a sort. I’m trying to understand the why more than give reasons. For me understanding why I chose an incorrect action can help me not follow that thought process again and avoid the incorrect action next time by heading off the thoughts before I act.



Woops, that wasn’t too smart

Well it’s morning and I’m posting for yesterday. I guess laying down to meditate was not such a hot idea when I planned to post after, well it’s now after. I fell asleep meditating.

30 minutes exercise w/program

204 words on WIP

1456 calorie restriction

205 second 1st meditation

Who knows for the second one since I was kind of snoring before the end of it



Likes long drives in the rain…

Ok not really. They are tedious, boring and way to long. To say nothing of the eyestrain all that gray. Lets not forget the  wiper noise, thank the gods for books on tape or the mountain sections would be dreadful.

30 minutes excise w/the usual accompaniment

350 second morning meditation

200 second evening meditation

200 words on WIP

calorie restriction fail at 173 calories. I blame the bagel with cream cheese that  jumped in my mouth, I had to eat it to save my life ;P



And it’s Monday

I decided to link my meditation, writing and blogging with my day-job. So if it’s not a work day then I don’t do them. for the time being. This is helping me trick myself into thinking that getting physically healthy is the only change I’m making right now.

30 minutes of exercise w/language program

325 seconds morning meditation

300 words on WIP

1017 calorie restriction

202 seconds evening meditation

Oh I keep for getting I am also drinking at least 100 oz. of water a day



Are you a pink monkey? Or a brown one…