Stupid new year

Yep I’ve fallen off the wagon yet again. *le sigh*

I need to reintroduce regular public accountability to my routine.

I’m going to make a list of daily tasks tonight.

I am going to pay f*ing attention to my time management (which is abysmal at best currently)

I have several projects that need to be completed as soon as possible.

Rewards for completion will be assigned for ‘da things.


Also help out a fellow creative if you can over at

He lost loads and could use some assistance!

Be Well!




My friend Dave posted this and #imwithdave

I have a message for the NSA, the Bots, the Web Spiders, the Social Media filters, and all the other techno-sniffers that troll people's feeds for information.

Let me lay this out for you and save you some demographic alogrithms...

I am Pro Choice
 I am Pro LGBTQ
 I am Pro Women's Rights
 I am Pro Reglious Freedom for ALL religions
 I am Pro Arts

I am also...
 Pro Tolerance
 Pro Compassion
 Pro Human
 Pro Global
 Pro Creative

These are non-negotiable qualities of my existence on this planet. This is my "agenda".

I am ALSO a citizen of the United States.

Before this evening ends, it may be revealed that I'm in the minority.

That doesn't scare me. Because this is who I am.

You cannot make me fear who I am.

I'm not going to run.
 I'm not going to move to another country.
 I'm not going to "keep my head down and wait it out"

I'm staying right here... and I will advance my "agenda" in this world by any means possible.

And I'm gonna do it with style and eloquence and panache.


I'm fucking awesome and you will NEVER have the power to change that.

I won't let you.

Chain 4, link1

Well that was unexpected. I wasn’t planning to stop posting I just forgot one day then didn’t make a list and well I’m sure you get the idea.

I’ve changed things up a bit with regard to everything.

I’m exercising 3x a week 2x on the days I exercise. 30 minutes steady state(ish) fasted cardio in the morning. Then 30(ish) minutes of weight lifting after I get home from work. So I get 2 sleep cycles between exercise days which should help with the recovery. Before I was doing cardio on the off days or every day so only 1 sleep cycle. Since I’m just getting back on the exercise wagon (again) I want to give myself the extra recovery and jump-start the whole process.

30 minutes walking at 2.7mph average this morning

5 x 5 @65lbs Barbell squats, 5×5 @45lbs Barbell overhead press, 1 x 5 @135lbs Dead-lift

2519 calories consumed (119g fat, 246g carbs, 91g protein. 10 g alcohol)

Meditated after the morning walk.

Research on Audio production continues.

I’m still working on my outline even though NaNoWriMo has started. I want to finish something that has some remote resemblance to a first draft and not just ‘win NaNo’ this time. I’ve won Nano a few times but I will not consider showing those manuscripts to anyone (yes they are that bad and worse).

The new creative thing is on the back back burner for the time being as I need to really focus on audio production and voice over with writing on the side. Well on top of the day job that is.

Almost forgot THIS YouTube channel is giving me a bunch of helpful coping strategies!

Be Well!


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