My friend Dave posted this and #imwithdave

I have a message for the NSA, the Bots, the Web Spiders, the Social Media filters, and all the other techno-sniffers that troll people's feeds for information.

Let me lay this out for you and save you some demographic alogrithms...

I am Pro Choice
 I am Pro LGBTQ
 I am Pro Women's Rights
 I am Pro Reglious Freedom for ALL religions
 I am Pro Arts

I am also...
 Pro Tolerance
 Pro Compassion
 Pro Human
 Pro Global
 Pro Creative

These are non-negotiable qualities of my existence on this planet. This is my "agenda".

I am ALSO a citizen of the United States.

Before this evening ends, it may be revealed that I'm in the minority.

That doesn't scare me. Because this is who I am.

You cannot make me fear who I am.

I'm not going to run.
 I'm not going to move to another country.
 I'm not going to "keep my head down and wait it out"

I'm staying right here... and I will advance my "agenda" in this world by any means possible.

And I'm gonna do it with style and eloquence and panache.


I'm fucking awesome and you will NEVER have the power to change that.

I won't let you.

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