Chain, Link 20

Ok day today, miscalculate the time to do a few things of not too bar or unexpected.

Walking in the morning: Check (c25k is 3x a week but I’m waling every day)

Meditate: Check

Typing practice: Check

Make snacks for work next week: 1/2 check, all the ingredients bought but ran out of time.

Work on outline: Ran out of time

New creative thing: Ran out of time

Bring eldest offspring to 45 min admissions meeting at college 1:15 minute drive one way. :Check

Diet: 890 restriction.

And curses to NaNoWriMo Every Month for discussing a book in a way that made me have to buy it. Some extra curses to the books author J. Daniel Sawyer for writing it in a way that completely sucked me in! (this is why I ran out of time 🙂 )

Be Well!


Accountability Post: Check


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