Chain, Link 16

Got quite a bit accomplished today. Not quite all but 7 out of 10 is nothing to sneeze at.

Meditate: Check first thing in the morning.

Typing practice: Check, also early in the morning.

Diet: Forgot to keep track today.

Creativity with friends: Check, 5 stars will definitely do again.

Financial foo: Check, AKA back account depletion due to adulting.

Order school pictures for MPBG: Check.

Outline work: Still having trouble with snowflake step 2.

Work with software for new creative thing: Nope.

Audio demo work: Check, completed source check and making data cards for each of the 5 to be recorded.

Set up laptop for audio recording: Check software installed and tested. Fine tune config later.

Bw Well!


Accountability post: Check.


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