Chain 2, Link 1

Well I missed a day. So I get to start over on the number of links. The accountability only takes a few minutes but I forgot plain and simple. So on the the foo. The floor is ready to install, unfortunately the plumbing is several sizes that I didn’t anticapate so I have to wait to install the floor. Also the joists that I had to expose are different spacing. One is 16 inches on center the other is about 22 inches on center. Made for some interesting foo when installing the spacers and sister joists. But it’s all ready to be buttoned up once I get the plumbing sorted.

Meditation: Check.

Typing practice: Check.

Diet: Nope, over.

Fix the wiring I cut with a reciprocating saw yesterday: Check.

Finish the floor: Sort of, 10 minutes after the plumbing is right it’s done.

Set up a temp shower: Nope, drain is all weird and not standard so I didn’t have the parts on hand. On the list for tomorrow.

Research reading: Check.

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check.


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