Chain, Link 8

Well that was a major setback on a project. I got the bathtub removed to discover the hack job that had been previously done on the floor. 1/4 inch plywood under the tub with the walls keeping it balanced on the 4×6 beam in the middle. So change of plans and potentially a bunch of money spent that we do not have.

Meditation: Check.

Typing Practice: Check, part of my issues seem to be related to the music I listen too as well as my state of mind when practicing.

Diet: Check, 1450 calorie restriction.

Research reading: Check.

Weight lifting: Check, I needed it after the day I had.

Tub removal: Check, nice and easy on the removal.

Temp shower install: Nope, need a floor to put it on.

Be Well!


Accountability post: Check


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