Le sigh.

Well it would appear that I need to make more of a commitment to posting here on a regular basis.

I’m currently on page 3 of a short comic featuring Ed of Ed and the Mechanist fame. She’s been tasked with teaching recent prosthesis recipients how to better use their new steam/clockwork alchemy controlled appendages.

It’s been slow going but I will finish this script before I move on to any other project.

I’ve been working on my typing every day for about 15 minutes for about 6 weeks or so now. I’m getting there. The practice is ‘real’ language but the word choices have little to do with what a really story would have in it so I’m not gaining speed as quickly as I would like.

I also started a paid WW online membership to facilitate losing weight. WW is the only plan that has given me any meaningful results over the years I’ve been trying to shrink so I went back to what worked before.

I need to start practicing narration on a daily basis as well but have not motivated myself sufficiently as yet. I will get there though!

I think that this is enough for now.

Be well!




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