Wow look at all the dust!

That is all over this page that is.

Summer flew by and had some rough patches. Including the septic pump failing and other equally unpleasant things.

But I need to move forward. Just a little at a  time, improving a little each time and I’ll get there.

I’ve lost about 12 pounds and have a rival to catch with the weight loss. He’s winning since the wagon ran me over last week and the bagels dragged me in and jumped into my stomach today. I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year and am on pace. 🙂

I just picked up the building materials to frame in a dedicated recording space and will have a quote soon for the acoustic panels to bring it to the next level once I have the $$ for that step.

I have most of my demo material selected, I still need to whittle down a couple from 1500 words since that woulds be waaaaaay to long.

I’ve also found some wonderful local creatives who are encouraging me! And I bought my ticket to Balticon and booked the hotel so I can meet, in person, many of the wonderful people that I’m met online this past year or so!


That’s about all for now so,

Be Well!



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