And so it begins

Here’s the Babylon 5 clip for that quote 😉

Well 20 minutes down the rabbit hole of internet ‘research’.

On the the main event as it were.

Work days:

Morning walk followed by stretching then off to the day job.

Practice voiceover/narration for 15 min total time minimum with my trusty Tascam DR-40. Number and date the practice files when I get home and keep the text in similarly named text files in the same location. Review days output before bed and note main area for improvement in the next days practice.

Paleo trail mix and homemade jerky for snacks during work as well as 3l of water. No road food and no more than 1 coffee while at work. (Off/extended hour days are exceptions).

Meditate for at least 5 minutes on arrival home.

Typing practice for 15 minutes. Once I hit 45 – 50 WPH then switch to the Kinesis keyboard and start the tutor software again.

Creative pursuits for 30 minutes minimum. Alternating between various projects and types. Only one project/type per day. Any deadline items are first.

Track all consumption using WW points plus and fitday. Stay within points for day. No cheat days. Use flex points method with 35 for the week and no more then 10 flex points used in a day.

Most is the same for non-work days here are the exceptions:

No trail mix or jerky just the normal food for home. 6 cup max coffee (20oz cups) for the day

VO practice is in my recording space using my full setup with acoustic treatment and the good microphone.

2 30 minute sessions of creativity minimum.

Meditation at or about noon.


I think that covers it.

And thanks to Matt over at The DIY Endeavors Podcast for the continuing great content and interview. Keep it up man!

All for now,

Be well!



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