Man that wagon sure is fast…

I keep jumping on it and fall right back off at the slightest issue lately it seems. It is getting quite frustrating. The whole don’t sweat the day that you miss and all that keeps making it so I feel ok with messing up every day or so. I can understand not beating myself up over the tripping up but when it starts turning into a constant cycle of oops I fell off again let me restart the time on the goal again … well I need to change the approach that I am using because this one is not working out for me. Five months and I have only lost 5 pounds or so and when I have over 50 to go that is not that good. So I’m going to go back through the setting of my goals (in writing this time) and address the issues that I am having.  I’ve been ‘trying’ to lose weight for 6 years and have a whopping 3lb per year loss. At this rate it will take another 28 years to lose what I need to lose. So I have to do something. And that is just the weight loss. The rest of the goals are not really faring much better.

All for now,




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