Titles are hard

My bad for not posting more. I’ve been working on getting back on the various wagons that I’ve fallen off of since the first of the year.

One thing that I had stopped doing was writing things down. I’ve mentioned this before but I keep stopping it. I need to just keep doing it since it provides me with an outline for what I want to accomplish each day. I’m trying to keep things rather basic since going into the minutia will just insure that I am unable to meet the goals. I realize that I need to have specific attainable goals but I’m finding that being too detailed and rigid on a daily basis makes me want to push against the ‘rules’. I do need to watch it with some things since my avoidance gene kicks in hard at times.


1k+ Calorie restriction

Tracked my calorie intake

15 minutes of typing practice

and I meditated.

No work on creative projects today though so I only get an 80% for the day. 🙂

All for now,




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