What Friday again?

And I totally lost track of the week and forgot to put anything up. Bad on me. I had a great skype call with an artist I’m working with out of Chicago. I can’t wait to see the preliminary designs they create for Ed! I will be patient and give them the time to do the work. đŸ™‚

I’ve been focusing on finances the past week or so. We had some changes this year that make it a bit rough since we are transitioning into a new way of things. So I have to really watch my outgoing while I’m at work. The numbers were way too big so I have to take steps to reduce them. I’m also dropping a bit of weight. Not what I want it to be but I have to kick the habit of reducing stress by eating. It’s making it tough to lose anything since I stress when I eat when I’m stressed. Nice little loop of lard I have there. So I need to be mindful of it and get out of that destructive cycle.

I have been typing daily


Calories, tracking and writing not so much.

All for now,




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