I’m dancing with joy on the inside

Said in a flat monotone Ben Stein voice.

Needing to get up earlier for work is making it not really feasible to get a walk in before work. Unless I want to be getting up at 5 or so to have the time.  Then after work I have my writing, meditation, typing practice and family time. I need to get my butt back in line for losing weight if I want to stay healthy enough to make a go at a creative career.

I am discovering that I am going to need to make some decisions about what exact avenues of creativity to put the largest effort into. Trying to learn and master a lot of things at the same time is not working out the way that I had hoped it would. I find that I am progressing in all the disciplines at a pace that would make a glacier look like a dragster. So I need to look at several factors:

  • How good am I at it already?
  • How large it the talent pool?
  • Is it something that I /have/ to do?

There are other factors involved but those are the main ones. I enjoy all the things that I have been working on but I need to look at what the best use of my time is. Inking for example, I get a great deal of enjoyment from doing it but if I’m paying for art and scan it in what practical use is the ability to ink the art personally by hand with a dip pen or brush? I can digitally ink it in less time with a higher quality at the end of the process. The writing I think is a core competency for my path currently and with that is the typing. My voice has great potential and I’m a part way through the learning curve on the editing process.

Writing, typing and voice audio production are the areas where I need to put the most effort at the moment.

I’ll be honest the financial consideration do play a part. If I want to be a creative entrepreneur then I have to look at the money. Being a starving artist who sacrifices all for their art is cool if that’s your thing and you can do it. I have a wife 4 children at home and a mortgage so being a starving artist is not something that I can afford to do since I am the primary earner currently.

Writing is cheap and I can hammer away at it paying just time. The audio I’ve already invested in some quality gear and just need practice. Drawing and inking with traditional media I would need more space and would need to learn much more to get to the level where I already am with voice and writing. So drawing and inking traditionally have to take a back burner so I can focus in the areas where I will get the most for my efforts.

So Writing, typing and portion control are the big 3 for me starting now. With meditation close behind. Paying the bills and time with the family trump it all though. 🙂

So no inking, no walk

I did not keep track of calories.

I wrote, I practiced typing and I meditated.

All for now,




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