I think winter broke today

And that is a good thing I have had enough winter for this year. Of course just because it broke doesn’t mean that it’s quite done yet. But I feel more upbeat now that it broke.

I’m 15 calories over, curse you Dunkin Donuts

No writing, inking, editing audio, typing practice or meditation today.

I could make excuses about the kids being off school, the wall that needs to be fixed or the $600 medial bill bothering me but all they would be are excuses. Quite valid ones at that but none the less still an avoidance behavior in regards to my creativity. I’m having issues with thinking into the future and coming up with scenarios on how I will fail down the road. I need to stop doing that. I mean really, I have yet to make my first sale and I’m thinking about blowing a deadline to a major published that cancels my contract because of the missed deadline and wants their advance back and letting that thought derail me. My mind is really f*ed up some times, ok more than some times. But this fear of far future failure is crazy and will stop.


All for now,




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