Today was a good day!

Well I decided what logline to go with:

#4: A flighty fashionista steam apprentice struggles to overcome her fear of failure in order to discover why her master seems to hate her in Steam City.

I’ll need to work it over a bit to streamline it and bring out the punch a bit more but it’s a workable starting point at last!

Today was a good productive day. I was able to tick all the boxes, save one, on my task list. A decided improvement over the past few weeks.

I meditated.

Typing practice was a thing today

I worked om my inking (and got my new nibs + holder the other day)

I finished a chapter for librivox and uploaded it

I have about a 1k calorie restriction and was even on points

I worked on the story today

No exercise, but I am focusing on the vast influx of road food that had threatened to overwhelm me these past few months. Calorie control first then exercise.

All for now,




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