What a (not) wonderful weekend

Well we had a clog in the upstairs bathroom that I was working on Saturday. I got 2 bottles of gel cleaner in there since there was 20+ feet of horizontal 3 in ch drain line to the clog through standing water. I figured it could take a long time since there is no drop. Fast forward a couple hours and I get back home with my wife and there is a single pinhole stream of water spraying out the wall on the back porch (enclosed). Panic ensues for a time. It turns out that the drain ran through that wall. So we get into the wall and there is a damn nail hole in the drain. And about 4 feet lower there is a saw cut in the pipe. So the cleaner moved the clog to where the holes were. What a mess. By this time it’s getting dark but the level is below the holes so we call it a day.

Sunday morning I cut the rest of the way through where the cut was, the pipe was slush filled. A heater and cardboard made a nice little hot house. Then the shop vac cleared it to an ice plug. An 18+ inch long ice plug in the bottom of the vertical. Boiling water and salt to work away at it. After a couple hours there was enough room in the brain for the secret weapon. A gallon of hyper saturated boiling salt water, I covered the open end and put the hot house back up. 15 minutes later my friend who was helping with the problem checks and lo and behold the pipe is clear. 4 buckets of water down the cut pipe to make sure then a nice rubber coupling to reconnect. Then multi flushes and an under house check. Finally done. So we cleared out all the wet insulation and put the plywood back up to keep the cold out while the area dries.

Such was my weekend. No creativity at all. A nice bug messed with me late in the work week last week. If I have any more ‘other’ shoes drop I’ll be able to open up a discount shoe shop.

Today I went 1k over on the calories, curse you road food.

I worked on my inking.

No exercise.

I thought about my story.

No typing other than this post and that was not ‘proper’ touch typing.

I worked on audio edits for another chapter for Librivox.org

I did meditate

All for now,




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