Why are loglines so darn tough

I’ve been struggling with making a logline for my story for over a month now. If I thought it would help I’d just write the thing and then figure it out. I’ve been there on other tales though and the creation of a good logline is not any easier for me after the story is written. I suppose that a good logline is like an arrow pointing the way for a story in my case. I have loads of great concepts for this but there is not a through line or contiguous narrative thread that connects it all together. I will have something for a logline by the end of the week. Even if I have to change it after the darn story is written. I can not just allow myself to get all mired in the desire to write the ‘One True Story’ this time.

I worked on my inking and meditated today. Well that and thought incessantly about the logline of DOOOOOM.

All for now,




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