Great another snowmageddonpocalypsetsunami

Or whatever they are calling the damn things now. It’s another storm. It is going to snow. This is New England it snows here in the winter.

Well I’ve been working on at least some of my goals every day and working to catch up on the plethora of tasks that every parent and home owner has stack up every time they turn around. I managed to catch up on the ones that I was behind on then got hit with a home repair thing that I have to deal with. Well either I deal with and and spend $100 or so or I pay $500+ to have someone else take care of it for me. Guess which one I’m doing (hint: Starving artist) 😉

I’m going to take my story and beat it out like a screenplay using the Save the Cat beats and use index cards for the 40 sequences for the story. This should allow me to work through the story all the way to ‘The End’.

I’ve been mostly inking with a bit of typing practice. Thinking about the story is a constant thing that I muse over while driving at work so at least 2 hour each week day. I’m apprehensive to do any exercise after the decidedly un-fun of overexerting Monday. So I have to mentally reset and get back on the wagon for the physical health things. I gave up on the mental health years ago since only a crazy person has 5 kids. 🙂

All for now,




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