Well that was unpleasant

Very much so. Monday I was rushing to get the snow off the roof of my house before work and managed to massively over exert myself. I took the day off work and am still feeling a bit more tired than usual. Looks like my body decided that I needed to get a swift kick in the arse to wake me up as it were. Well, I most definitely am awake now. I have a bunch of weight I need to lose and I have to get to it. My impulse control has been poor with regard to pastries and bagels while I am at work. I am stopping it now since earlier today me underestimated the resolve of now me to put this out there. So hopefully tomorrow me will see what now me did and not risk it.

I have not worked on my goals since last Thursday.  I need to figure out an order of hierarchy to my task list instead of they are all of high importance. That is just making me vacillate amongst them. When I work a long day there is not enough time to get all the things done and I have been working later than usual. I need to look at the possibility that I am working late as avoidance behavior.

All for now,




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