Well that was tiring

Driving today sure was a chore. With the snow still falling and the plows out in force I definitely took my time. Better to get there in one piece than in a ditch. Of course there were a number of people that thought that pulling out 250 feet in front of me and trying to get up to speed was a good idea. Once I had fun going sideways to not hit them and another time the plows were coming the other way, thank goodness the snowbank was soft enough to slow me down without hurting the truck. Nerve wracking though. I overslept yet again and did not get my walk in this morning.

I learned that I really need to work on my narrating. A cleaner take would make the editing much simpler. I finished the first pass through and have the best take all lined up. Next I go through and do the fine edit to get out the mouth noises, fix the pacing and do the leveling/NR/compression foo. That is for tomorrow. I am the last one to turn in for this project so I am holding up the release. No pressure 😉

No walk 😦

I meditated 🙂

Over on calories 😦

I finished a page of inking 🙂

I did my typing practice 🙂

I worked on my story 🙂

All for now,




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