Steam and Clockworks and Alchemy Oh my

Wow, what a great experience. I was on the Round Table podcast. My humble story idea was brainstormed by Dave Robsion of the Round Table podcast, Terry Mixon from the Dead Robots’ Society podcast and Cavan Scott. Check Cavan out HERE, really you need to check him out. He is awesome! Actually you should check out all of them they all have creativity and awesome steeped throughout their beings!

I learned quite a lot through this wonderful opportunity. One of the most important is that the pterodactyls lie and I should not listen to them. On top of that I have been able to discover much more closely what the story really is. It is looking much more like a redemption for Max with Ed being a mirror for him. She is young, vain and flighty, chasing the latest shiny thing. Sort of like Max when he dumps the love of his life when she looks too much older than he does. I’ve decided to go with a version of heliographic engraving for the process in stead of a portrait.

The biggest reason that my story was broken was that Max was /way/ too old. So I’m rolling him back to a more sedate age of 97 or somewhere in that ballpark. Also I was trying way too hard to shoehorn in all the things that I could think of that were cool. So I need to narrow the focus quite a bit. The details are in the podcast. Give it a listen.

11 hour day at work today.

No walking 😦

Over on calories 😦

I meditated 🙂

I worked on my inking now that I have a functional printer 🙂

I worked on my story 🙂

All for now,




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