My laptop hates me

And I mean really hates my guts with a passion. I’m re purposing it into a creation only set up. So I ran a factory restore then started in on the 100+ windows updates. I left it running by itself but it must have glitched and stopped booting. Just sat at the please wait screen. So I did an OS refresh with the recovery tool and lo-and-behold the issue was with some of the crapware. So now I’m doing another factory restore. BOO. It’ll be great once it’s redone though. Just the writing, drawing and recording tools and nothing else. No email or social media configured (other than stuff I might want to record from like skype.)

I have completed all the things but the writing again, The writing time was eaten by the laptop but I have been giving things much thought. I’m going to track my chain length too, Starting with yesterday.

30 minutes walking (chain = 2)

3 minutes meditation (chain = 2)

Another calorie deficit day. (chain = 2)

15 minutes typing practice (chain = 2)

Worked on the inking (chain = 2)

Writing, nope (chain = 0)

All for now,




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