Better today, mostly

I actually did allllll the things on my list as a few more that were not on the list. Well except for the writing, I’m working on the ‘What’s it about’ from Save The Cat. It’s giving me a heck of a time, but if I the writer can’t tell you what the story is about then how can I write the thing. I’m going through the beats but that first one is a killer. I’ll get there just loads more of a slog but worth it since I so want to get this story written!

Walked 30 min

Meditated 3 min

Had a calorie deficit for the first time this year (WOO yay me now to do it again!)

Worked on my inking, redoing one that I gave away, using a g-pen on manga paper.

15 minutes typing practice. I need to be more patient with myself. I can touch type now, just /really/ slow

As stated above no writing

All for now,




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