A mixer changes things

Just to see what would happen I added my mixer back into my audio setup. Wow — Just wow. With the mic right into the interface it was good. I had to punch the gain up quite high to get the level up and couldn’t go too high. When I put that mixer back into the process., damn I have to be careful or the darn thing will feed back from hearing my closed back headphones if I push the levels too high. I definitely could not do that straight into the interface. Most likely because the interface is usb powered so there is a limit to the power available to the preamps from the port. The mixer is AC powered and doesn’t have that limitation. I think that I’ll be keeping the mixer in the process so I do not have to run near the top all the time. I can run everything at 70 – 80 percent and it is good and loud with the mixer. The interface had to go over 95 percent to get there.

I didn’t post yesterday. I didn’t think of it until I crawled into bed and didn’t want to get back up and fire up everything in the office again.

I walked yesterday but not today. That is also the only thing that I did on the list. Or more correctly of the things that I need to put on a list or I don’t do them.

So I’m going to go make that list now for tomorrow before I go to bed.

All for now,




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