That was interesting!

Really, really interesting. Having my story brainstormed really helped me find some of the places where things were totally broken. Some were so obvious that I felt, well a bit embarrassed to have not caught the issues. But you’ll have to wait to hear all about that once the episode drops. I’ll post and tweet when that happens.

I’ve discovered that the lists are something that I really need to do. They are a plan for the day. Although like any plan of attack it mostly does not survive contact with the enemy. I’ve done some research into success in small business and almost across the board the ones that make is have a plan. Written out with a timeline for many months, usually several years. Many of the plans are not followed even remotely but having a framework to hang things from enables quicker and more on point adaptation to changing situations. So I’m going to work out a creative business plan for the next 24 to 36 months to help guide (and hit with a 2×4) my pace and direction. Ideally I would be able to do this is a day or two but more realistically I hope to have an outline in the next 2 weeks and a plan by the end of February. After all I do have my day-job and my goals to work on. This is something in addition to the rest  so I’ll have to be much more ruthless with my time management in the next 6 weeks so I can get the plan done.

Today was a zero progress day on all the goals. 😦

I’ve had too many of them that’s why I need to take some steps to correct the situation.

All for now,




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