Accountability is hard

Really really hard at that.

There is always something else that you could be doing and you only notice that stuff when you are supposed to be doing what you promised you would.  Basically the grass is greener syndrome but with tasks. The ones that you are not actively doing at the moment are inherently moire interesting to you than the ones that you are supposed to be doing. Almost a work vs. play kind of thing in my head. I have been forgetting that my primary goal for 2015 is to treat my creative pursuits as a job. So I have to remember that it is a JOB not just time to be messing about. To that end I broke a rule about charging things and picked up an item or 2 on sale for audio. The usb interface I have now is only capable of 16 bit sound with a 48Khz sample rate as it’s max. So I picked up a package deal with a Focusrite 2i2, an AKG C214, a Boom Microphone Stand and a 15ft XLR cable for a good price. It should all be here tomorrow. I’ll put the 2i2 and daw on my laptop so the noise level is lower when recording. I can mix on the big system once I have all the sound but the fan noise is quite noticeable with what I have now. The better mic and interface most likely will not lower it so I’ll go with the laptop.

I didn’t do any writing today 😦

I did my typing practice 🙂

I did a correction and a bit of inking 🙂

No walking 😦

I had road food 😦

I did meditate 🙂

50% today. Well it’s better than I did yesterday and I hope to do better tomorrow. We shall see though.

Thanks Matt over at the


Your honesty and forwardness about your journey and process motivate me to move forward!

All for now,




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