Is it over yet?

Retail tech support most of the year ‘Insert long description of why I like the work here’ 😉

Retail tech support for the month of December ‘I’ll f*****g cut you’

Yep. It was a nice dreary day in the rental with lots of traffic and insane people thinking that by cutting me off they would save 2 seconds that they absolutely need to get that super awesome (insert random thing here) that they just /have/ to get for their (insert random type of interpersonal relationship here). Almost over and I have the appointment to get new glasses so I can see again this weekend, yay.

I overslept so no walking.

Forgot to bring food from home so more road food was consumed 😦

5 min meditation (yay me)

I wrote a 1k rage inspired diatribe then deleted it to be safe.

No touch typing

No inking

all for now,




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