Back on the wagon

I got back on track over the weekend so now I’m only a moderately misbehaving monkey instead of a bad monkey ;).

Still can not stand the damn box truck. Mostly due to the ride and the no easy way to play the iPod through the stereo. I could byt one of the radio deals that broadcasts it to the radio but the good ones are a little pricey and when I was using that sort of thing all the time I went through about 1 cheap one a month because they just fall apart on me. Still working on getting the mini booth mock up done prior to any foam cutting. Or more correctly one of my sons has been working on it for me.

Here’s the stats for today:

30 minutes walking

250 words

15 min typing

3 min meditation

Inking practice

I did have road food  😦

I think that I’ll go back to a WW point thing again since that worked well for me in the past.

All for now,




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