More dreary long drives

In the box truck that handles like a top heavy giraffe and rides like marbles on a washboard.  So of course everyone wants to be right on my bumper on the roads through the Green Mountains. Yea like I’ll speed up on those windy things, nope not happening I’ll just slow down so I know they can stop. At that point they get irritated and pass a the first opportunity.

Well I thought that I would catch up on my twitter before attacking my creative tasks for this evening… That did not work out so well. I DID manage to get caught up on follow backs and dropping the things I was following but am no longer interested in. I went from following over 1k to (logs in and checks) 499, So I did accomplish something, just not the thing that I was supposed to. And I updated the placeholder for Ed and the Mechanist to the latest WP, plugins and themes.

I’m really excited and want my acrostic foam to come in so I can try to learn how to narrate some things for librivox, I’ve listened to many of the free audio books they have and want to give back since I have all this nifty audio equipment.

Oh and I didn’t walk today either (NO NO BAD MONKEY!!)

All for now,




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