And a new rental today

I went from a 2014 Camray to a 12 foot box truck. I can now carry everything I need at the expense of the built in bluetooth  and good ride quality. Hopefully the truck is done next week. We shall see.

I received another compliment on my voice. I guess that I need to look at creative things that I can do with it. I have a modest home setup.

Mackie 402-VLZ3 mixer
Behringer U-CONTROL UCA202 USB audio adapter
Behringer ULTRAVOICE XM8500 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone
Behringer TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC200 mic preamp (grove tube swapped in)
Aurycle A760 large diaphragm condenser microphone
Seinheiser ME3 headset microphone with standard 3.5mm plug and Andrea Audio USB Adapter
Tascam DR-40 Digital audio recorder
and a pile of misc stuff like stands and cables

I’ve been collecting bits and pieces for at least 5 years.  I’m by no means an expert on audio but I should start taking it more seriously. I think I’ll head over to to do some more for them to get more time in and to fine tune the whole process.

On to how I did today with my goals.

Walk 30 min : Yep did it !

No road food : Check

Touch typing practice : 15 minutes

250 words of fiction : 279 check

Work on inking : Yeppers

Meditate : That’s all queued up for as soon as I post this so check

Blog post : This be it so yes

That’s all for now,




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