Yay week half over!

And I get to head over to West Rutland VT tomorrow, unless something changes of course. Hopefully it will be a nice drive. Provided it stays above freezing, or below it for that matter. It’s the transition that gets everyone all the time.

No walking this morning (booo)

I did the writing and inking after work.

Then meditated for about 6 minutes (yay)

Oh and I didn’t eat road food at work today. Good thing since it’s expensive and fattening as all get out. Heck I think I gain weight just looking as the pastries that called out to me. But I left them there lonely and abandoned with their fat and carbs. 1kcal per pastry is way too much and how can you eat 1 serving (1/2 pastry) What are you supposed to do, wrap in up in the remaining wrapper and save it for later when it’s part stale after sitting in the car. Not for me anymore. If I didn’t bring it from home I am not allowed to eat it while I’m at work.

All for now.




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