I want my work truck back

The rental is nice but I’m used to that truck.

Someone backed into it while parked a few weeks ago and I dropped it off Monday to get repaired. One more week in rentals, hopefully.

I called in to (ok recorded and emailed a 22 second audio clip) a podcast a week or so ago and it went live 12/9/2014.

The DIY Endeavors Podcast hosted by Matthew Wayne Selznick. You can find him and all his awesomeness here.This guy rocks. Music, writing, podcasting and the gods know what else he has going on creatively. Good information that is motivating me and I need all the motivation and accountability I can get my grubby little hands on. Give him a listen I think you’ll be glad you did!

Oh to my daily list -o- stuff I said I wanted to do:

Walking : Nope (dammit 2 days in a row, bad monkey!)

Store food: The Stewards  ‘Nog did me in so fail

Writing: Check, just over 1k in a pulp story so far.

Touch typing : Check, still doing the 15 min a day there

Inking: Yep, I’m doing some more of the pencils from Hulabaloo

Meditation: 7:30 (yay 2:30 over target)

Blog post: Um, well this is it so technically not yet since it’s not out but that would be picking nits so – Check

I’ll be writing out the list for tomorrow right after I post this.

All for now,




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