Creativity and motivation

I’ve inked 3 pages and a little bit since my last post.

1 with a #0 brush on vellum surface bristol

I need to work on my touch with a brush. The patience needed to get a good result is substantial. My go to brush is fuzzing out and splitting  so I picked up some short bristle sables at the hobby store. We’ll see how they work out.

1 with a G pen on smooth surface bristol.

This was my first complete inking with a dip pen. Things went well overall. There were issues when there was a larger area to cover. The bristol started getting a little soggy and bits got in the nib a little, not enough to cause an issue though. Overall I likes the speed that I could ink with this method.

1 with a G pen on vellum surface bristol

Not the best experience. The lines would bleed out quickly with any pressure. I had to use the nib more like a brush and had to slow down quite a bit. Also the bits of material were much more present and had to be cleaned out quite frequently. I think I’ll be sticking to the smooth bristol since I have fewer issues and for me it is a much more pleasant experience.

And the little bit is a G pen on smooth bristol. I got about 20% ish into it and a bit of soggy bristol cane loose from the nib and caused a nice big blob of ink to get dumped on the page. I do need to admit that I was trying to load the pen up with more ink with this one so there was a nice big drop. So I get to learn how to fix mistakes. But that has to wait for me to get some white ink to do it with.

I think I’ll delegate my old go to brush as the white ink one since I hope to not be using it as much.

I also scripted a six page (or so) origin mini-story for my main character. It’s still rough but the main beats are there. I’m sticking with a 4 panel per page layout for this since I still have loads to learn about paneling and well everything.

I’m losing weight. The last of the 4AM project days are this week for the day job. Until the next time anyway. Such is the day job though.

I reconnected with a close friend and had a great conversation with them. (YAY).

Once the current project of doom is complete I will be getting back on the treadmill and under the bar. The treadmill everyday. Only 2x a week under the bar to start with. Once my fitness comes up some more I’ll reassess the strength training frequency.

All for now,




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