Mmmm salt

Wow I cleaned off the lights on the truck today. The salt had actually made the clear lenses look more like frosted ones. In other news I disconnected my MS natural ergo keyboard today and put my old IBM Model M back on there. Yay for clickey heavy keyboards. Now I feel like I’m typing for real again. The other one just didn’t feel right to me the split sections and reverse tilt stuff messed me up in a big way. I know that it’s ‘better’ for my hands to use the other one but if I don’t feel right then it doesn’t cut it. I have to feel like I’m writing to do it.

30 minutes exercise (c25k)

219 second morning meditation

-282 calorie restriction (yes it’s over, no no bad monkey)

232 second evening meditation

0 minutes on WIP (time went to teen wrangling and family computer repair) (limited time budgets suck)




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